Crypto Currency

A Crypto Faster than Bitcoin. Scarcer than LTC, ETH, and DOGE.

DOGE: 129 BILLION @ $0.68
ADA: 31.9 BILLION @ $1.60
UNI: 522 MILLION @ $40
ETH: 115 MILLION @ $3,500
LTC: 67 MILLION @ $340
DGC: 37 MILLION @ $0.04
BTC: 19 MILLION @ $57,000

Approximately 15X faster than Bitcoin and 4X faster that Litecoin. More advanced than both.


Only 37 million DGC in circulation, with an upper limit of 48 million. Compared to LTC at 84 million, or ETH and DOGE's uncapped circulations of 115 million and 129 billion, DGC has Bitcoin-level potential.


DGC launched on May 20, 2013 without any pre-mining. Blocks are hashed using Scrypt, X11, or SHA-256 algorithms.

The “Altcoin” That Could

Thousands of altcoins have gone the way of the dodo, but DGC has kept chugging along for nearly a decade.
  • Wallet Version 5.0.3

    The latest version of the DigitalCoin wallet is streamlined and it's easy to install and use. You can download it for free from GitHub.

  • Trade DGC

    You can trade DGC today at using Bitcoin. DGC will soon be available at additional crypto exchanges.

  • Mining Services

    You can have DigitalCoin $DGC mined directly to your wallet at and pay for it using fiat currency.

  • Additional Resources

    Many additional DGC resources can be found at, including information on mining pools, mobile and paper wallets, and more.


    million circulating


    million max supply


    second confirmations



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    Get Started

    Get the wallet, purchase DGC, or start mining.

    Clicking the link icon below will take you to GitHub where you can download the latest DGC wallet (v5.0.3).

    Download the latest wallet.

    Clicking the link icon below will take you to FreiExchange where you can purchase DGC using Bitcoin (BTC).
    Buy and sell DGC right away.

    Clicking the link icon below will take you to Minerstat where you can view stats for mining using SHA-256.

    Get DGC mining stats.

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    Top DigitalCoin Resources

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